Welcome to Service Industries, LLC.

Service Industries, LLC is a leading supplier of blister packaging and bottle filling machinery and parts to the pharmaceutical industry. We offer all of the following items: Blister Packaging Tooling, Blister Packaging Machinery, Blister Machinery Change Parts, Slats, Deblistering Machinery, Slat Fillers, Slats,, Upper and Lower Manifolds, Package Leak Testing Equipment, Other Bottle Filling Change Parts, Electronic Counters, Bottle Filling Lines, and Sanitary Conveyors.

With more than 40 years in business, Service Industries knowledgeable staff offers you decades of application experience in both blister packaging and bottle filling. Our high quality packaging machinery, tooling, and change parts can help you improve your operation, saving you time and money.

Take a look at the broad range of blister packaging and bottle filling solutions we offer, and then give us a call. We are ready to serve you!

Service Industries – blister packaging and bottle filling
SEPHA – package leak detection, product recovery and blister packaging
SKY-Softgel-Multi-Counting-Line – packaging equipment for tablets, capsules and softgels
Kirby Lester  pharmaceutical manufacturers and packagers
MAC -  Mario A. Cricca S.A. Blister Packaging Equipment